Parts & Panel Wraps


  • High quality fit & attention to detail ensuring a factory finish
  • Qualified team of installers Australia-wide
  • Fully removable* vinyl, protecting the paint underneath

Parts & panels wraps are a cost effective way to highlight features of your vehicle and customise your ride. Using the highest quality and removable* vinyls available in a range of colours and finishes, our team of qualified installers with help turn your vehicle into a custom one-off vehicle. Popular areas to wrap include mirrors, roof, spoilers and even the interior trim. No more wood grain! Many car dealerships are already taking advantage of Grafico- Auto Disegno’s services both pre and post sale, adding value to their vehicle inventory, whilst improving the vehicles ‘saleability’.

Is Vinyl Wrapping A Paint Replacement?

Vinyl wrapping is not a paint replacement but an alternative option to achieving a custom colour or effect that may not be possible or cost effective to paint. On top of giving you the ability to completely customise your vehicle, vehicle wrapping is removable even after many years*, providing protection for the paint underneath*. It is ideal for corporate colours, or for turning your vehicle in to something even more unique.

If your car needs panel and paint work, vinyl wrapping may not be the solution. Wrap vinyl does hide some imperfections in your bodywork, however larger chips, imperfections, cracks etc. will show through the vinyl. The vinyl will only adhere as good as the surface it is adhering to. Rust, rough or flaky paint and poorly executed repairs are not suitable for wrapping long term.

Will It Damage The Paint Underneath?

No, the vinyl is designed to protect the paint as it acts as a protective coating on your vehicle. If the vinyl wrap is installed professionally, once your vinyl is removed the paint will be exactly the same as the day the vinyl was installed. * We always recommend having the wrap removed professionally.

How Long Does A Vinyl Wrap Last?

Our vehicle vinyls are specially designed for conforming, adhering and enduring to all painted surfaces of a vehicle. Provided the care instructions are adhered to, your vinyl wrap should last up to our maximum recommended time outdoors.

Most colours (i.e. Gloss & Satin) = Up to 10 years
Carbon Fibre & Textured = 3-5 years

I’ve Seen Cheap Vehicle Wrapping Products Online, Are These The Same?

Grafico- Auto Disegno only uses the highest quality materials available with vinyl wrap films sourced from France and U.S.A. Beware of inferior, lower-grade vinyl films. These cheaper films and poor installation will invariably lead to vinyl degrading in the Australian sun, not removing properly, and sometimes damaging the paint underneath. Rushed preparation work can leave dust and debris on the surface and under the wrap causing the vinyl to lift from the vehicle.

Not removing parts means excess cuts need to be made, allowing the original colour to show through, not to mention the extra cutting that needs to be done on your vehicles paint surface.

Grafico- Auto Disegno’s state-of the art, centrally located North Melbourne warehouse is cleaned and dusted daily to ensure no dust is present on the vehicle’s surface. We always welcome our clients to visit and discuss any part of the process with our team.

How Careful Are The Installation Team?

Our qualified installation team is fastidious and achieves a perfect wrap every time. Some vehicles do require joins, however, we always aim to conceal the joins so they are not visible. Your Grafico- Auto Disegno team member will be able to discuss any aspects of the wrap with you before commencing.

Does The Wrap Come With A Warranty?

Unlike other companies, Grafico- Auto Disegno offers a 12 month* warranty on workmanship. Throughout the 12 months, the client is welcome to take the vehicle to our North Melbourne warehouse where our team will be able to assess the vehicle and provide any advice to assist. Additionally, the manufacturers of the vinyl products also offer up to 10 years warranty against peeling, warping or bubbling. *

Vehicles with repainted areas are not warranted against damage during film removal, as we have no control over the preparation involved in the repaint.

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*Conditions Apply

How Do I Care For The Vinyl Wrap?

Care for your vinyl wrap as you would any quality paint job.
We recommend hand washing your car and removing any difficult contaminants like tar marks, bug splatters or fuel spills immediately or they will become more difficult to remove. We have a range of recommended cleaners, polishes and sealants now available that our team will be able to show you before proceeding with your wrap. Grafico stocks and recommends their range of Premium Vinyl Wrap Cleaners to help keep your wrap looking its best at all times. To order this product, simply click the link on the right to get in touch with our team.

Grafico-auto Disegno
Premium Vinyl Wrap Polishes & Cleaners

Supplied in a handy spray bottle this spray on wipe off formula is designed as a ‘waterless’ wash and in between spray cleaner for all wrapped vehicles. Leaving no gloss/residue on the vehicle ensures (especially with matte vehicles) that the wrap does not change in appearance. Product of Germany.

Price: $18.95

Compact size bottle designed for wrapped parts and panels (Eg. Roof) in gloss vinyls. Our vinyl wrap polish is designed to rejuvenate and enhance shine on any gloss vinyl wrap films. The polish can also be applied by a qualified detailer using a rotary buffer for an even greater shine! Product of U.S.A.

125mL Price: $14.95

250mL Price: $25.95

VinylCleaners_Image copy

Can I Put My Car Through A Car Wash?

Brush type car washes are not recommended as they can abrade the film and cause edges to chip or lift as well as dulling the film’s appearance.

Caution must be used when using high pressure cleaning. Ensure the water pressure is below 2000psi. Keep the water temperature under 80 degrees Celsius. Use a nozzle with at least a 40-degree wide-angle spray pattern. Keep the nozzle at least 300mm away from the vehicle. Hold the nozzle at 90 degrees to the panel; spraying at an angle to the film may cause the edge to lift or contaminants forced underneath it.

Can I Polish And Wax My Wrapped Car?

Most wrap films can be polished or waxed. We have a range of recommended cleaners, polishes and sealants now available that our team will be able to show you before proceeding with your wrap.

To remove fine scratches – exercising extreme care, low heating from a heat gun or hair dryer can remove some scuff or rub marks made onto a matte film. If in doubt, ask our expert team for assistance.

Do I Have To Store My Car Any Differently?

Vinyl wraps, just like paint, are affected by prolonged exposure to sun and atmospheric pollutants, especially on horizontal surfaces like the roof and bonnet. Wherever possible, store your wrapped car in a garage or at least in a shaded area during the day. At night, protect the car from dew or rain, which may contain acidic pollutants, which are very common in large metropolitan areas.

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*Conditions Apply

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