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D’Nata National Fleet Rebrand

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Earlier this year Grafico was proud to be awarded the tender to re-brand the entire national fleet of D’Nata Catering. D’Nata Catering supplies food and beverages for the majority of airlines around Australia.

The Grafico team were responsible for initial design/layout which then lead on to print/production and then finally full project management of the installation roll out Australia wide. Installation also included removal of existing "Alpha Flight Services" branding.

Usually this type of roll out could take 6 months or more, however our team worked tirelessly around the clock to work to our clients deadline and deliver the entire fleet of over 150qty vehicles around Australia in record time. All this working outdoors throughout the hot Australian summer including heat waves, cyclones and flooding around various areas...Our install teams certainly had their work cut out!

Next time you board a flight around Australia you may spot these vehicles darting around the tarmac now sporting their vibrant new branding.

Re-branding your fleet? Trust the Grafico team to professionally manage your roll out Australia wide. #REFLECTYOURBRAND with Grafico.

Bmw Australia – “Sydney Contemporary” Artists Full Vehicle Wraps

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Working again with our good friends at BMW Australia, we were requested to fully wrap 3 brand new stunning BMW's. This project called for high-res artwork from 3 artists who supplied their artwork to be wrapped over the vehicle. Our design team worked with the artists to transpose their 2D artwork on to a very 3D form! The results were amazing and probably THE most colourful vehicle wraps our team have completed!

The three vehicles consisting of 2 x BMW X1's and 1 x BMW i8 were displayed at Sydney Contemporary at Carriageworks Sydney. We're still amazed at the new and intriguing ways we get to work with our clients to create bespoke wrapped vehicles just like these ones! #reflectYOURbrand with Grafico-Auto Disegno.

#Reflectyourbrand BMW M3 – Live Wrap @ BMW Melbourne

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The Grafico team out and about "LIVE" wrapping again, this time at BMW Melbourne in Southbank.

Grafico and BMW Melbourne collaborated to create a bespoke BMW M3 featuring a full wrap in 'Hexis' Titanium Chrome vinyl wrap film. The vehicle was designed to co-brand both Grafico Group's new hashtag (#REFLECTYOURBRAND) along with BMW Melbourne. The graphics were placed over the background layer of the stunning titanium chrome using a matte black and gold outlined text to complement the gold carbon ceramic brake calipers. The pun of 'reflect your brand' being highly evident in the reflective mirror chrome wrap!

What is #Reflectyourbrand ? Reflect your brand is exactly what Grafico does! Whether it be through our custom vehicle graphics/wrap, general signage or custom print wallpapers or EVEN custom print Italian mosaic tiles - Grafico reflects your brand in a number of unique ways to celebrate your brand and showcase it to your clients.

The completed vehicle was used by both Grafico and BMW Melbourne at various events around Melbourne specifically Charity Drive Days at Phillip Island of which Grafico is a sponsor and long-time supporter. The event held bi-annually at Phillip Island Circuit raises money for Challenge 'kids with cancer' charity. Over $300,000 was raised at last years event so along with Grafico's plus many other sponsors support we look forward to finding out what was raised in 2017!

We reluctantly handed the keys back to BMW Melbourne and will forever have very fond memories of our time in the amazing M3. Check out the video below showcasing the wrap along with the completed project...turn up the volume to hear that raspy exhaust crackle!

A big thank you to BMW Melbourne for collaborating with our team in creating this vehicle and allowing our team to utilise the vehicle at various events! For more information on the stunning BMW M3 head to BMW Melbourne and tell them Grafico sent you! 🙂


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